Friday, March 30, 2012

Tag--You're It

You can know that I'm new to blog tagging by the fact 1) I've never posted a tag post before, and 2) the first place my mind goes when it hears "tag" is my days on the nursery playground. And yes, that was a long time ago. I'm old.

So let's see, according to this tag, I'm supposed to list 11 random things about myself, answer 11 questions from my "tagee" Lauren (I just made up a word), and ask 11 questions to folks I tag. One side of me is very sensible and thinks these things might be annoying to people (I'm Marilla, remember?). But the other side of me thinks it's interesting (I'm the "adventurous girl", right?) So here goes!

First for my 11 random things:

1. How did the tag creator person know my favorite number is 11? I have a long history with that number...

2. I am a discouraged early bird. (i.e. a wee birdie who lives in a tree top of owls)

3. My sister/roommate got married last month, so I'm redecorating my room in country victorian.

4. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

5. I am named after an aunt, a great aunt, a grandmother, and my mom. And I just have two names. (Well, besides my last name, obviously.)

6. I teach piano and violin and have 5 students right now.

7. Until three years ago, I lived in the same house all my life (which my dad also grew up in) and attended the same church.

8. I'm out of school, but my favorite subjects were reading, writing, and history, but I hate, hate, hate math. I'm sorry Lauren I used the word hate. Three times!

9. I love Josh Turner's voice. But that doesn't necessarily make me a huge country music fan.

10. I've met and had my photo taken with Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

11. I am not a neat freak, but neither do I like disaster zones. If something has a place I think it should go there, but it won't bother me if it doesn't get there right away.

Now for Lauren's questions:

1. Would you consider yourself a 'crafty' person? As in creative, not devious;)
I myself wouldn't say so, but my friends say I have quite the knack for creativity! ;) Actually, yes, I do consider myself crafty. I particularly like scrapbooking and knitting, but I love all sorts of crafty things. (And no, not devious. ;) )

2. What is your favorite musical genre?
Oh goodness. Well, as a classically trained violinist, classical music definitely ranks high up there. And I think I just answered question #6 too.

3. What is one word you would use to describe your style?
Old-fashioned. (Is that two words?)

4. What is your favorite book?
Favorite? ONE? That is tough!! Umm...... I really have way to many to think of just one! Favorite authors are Elizabeth George, Jane Austen, and Charles Spurgeon. How's that for diversity!

5. Tea of coffee?
Tea. Sweet of course. =)

6. Do you play a musical instrument?
No. Piano, violin, viola, organ and harp isn't "a" instrument. (I also play dumb)

7. Favorite movie?
Probably Little Women...or Wives & Daughters...or National Treasure...

8. Have you ever been outside your home country?
Yes. Anytime I crossed into MO, TN, MS, LA, TX, or OK. ;) JK! Yes, once to Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) and once to Mexico (Progresso & Cozumel on a cruise)

9. You have the house to yourself for a whole day. What do you do?
First I clean the kitchen, then I make bread and clean it again. Then I play and sing hymns on the piano or harp. Then I read on the couch with some hot tea and a Jane Austen soundtrack blaring. Then I find some excuse to bake something and set the table or decorate in anticipation of my hungry family arriving back home.

10. Perfume. Like it, or dislike it?
"I am reticent. Oh yes, I am reticent."

11. Why did you decide to start blogging?
For my other blog, to keep my sister up to date with the family happenings after she married and moved 1200 miles away. For this blog, to publish my book reviews and other random things. As you see. Which is why this is published on my adventurous blog instead of my factual blog. =)

And now, for anyone interested in being tagged, consider yourself tagged. Here are your questions from me:

1. Are you indecisive, or can you quickly state your mind?
2. If you could go on a trip anywhere in the US, where would you go?
3. What is your favorite birthday or childhood memory?
4. Obviously you blog, so how did you decide which web server to use (i.e. blogger, wordpress)
5. What is your favorite season of the year?
6. Stripes or polka dots?
7. Outdoorsy or indoors?
8. What's your favorite Scripture verse and why?
9. Can you think of one specific prayer request God clearly answered for you?
10. What's your favorite hymn(s)?
11. Did you find it hard coming up with 11 questions like I did?

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