Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teaching For God's Glory

I would like to share with you a new ebook that was just released this week. The author sent me a copy of it and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thinking about teaching piano or building up a studio? This ebook covers the when, what, where, and hows of piano teaching, all from a biblical perspective.

As a relatively new teacher, I gleaned so much from this 100+ page ebook, like how to interact with parents and students, tips for keeping students focused and excited, and tools for marketing and organization. And these guidelines aren't limited to piano teachers, as I found many helpful hints for my violin students as well.

The author, whom you can read about here, covers three main topics:
1. Preliminary Questions (such as "am I qualified to teach?", and "what are the pros and cons to teaching?")
2. The Business Aspects of Teaching (what to charge, filing taxes, what type of piano to buy, etc)
3. The Piano Studio (should you have a recital, private vs. group lessons, teaching kids with special needs, etc).

I appreciate how so many questions and ideas were thought through for the writing of this ebook. She covers as many questions as there are keys on a piano! (Well, not quite.)

Be sure to check out Mrs. K.M. Logan's website today to enter for her giveaway and get your copy of "The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher: How to Teach Piano For the Glory of God" for $9.99! Or you can order it directly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for your kindle or nook.

(Don't have an e-reader? Don't let that stop you! Be like me and simply read it on Adobe on your PC!)

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