Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Founders' Key

Having signed up for Hillsdale College’s Constitution 101 sessions, I was thrilled to see this book by Hillsdale’s President Larry Arnn available on Booksneeze.com. I was expecting it to be a hard, slow read because of the topic, but was pleasantly surprised to get through it quickly. A very interesting read!

Mr. Arnn explains the original thought process and purpose behind both the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution, and how closely they’re knitted together, regardless of what modern politicians or historians may have to say (which he is sure to point out).

What I didn’t know I was getting with this book was the complete text of the Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and 5 of James Madison’s “Federalists” papers. I had no idea how quickly that would come in handy--just a few days after finishing this book, I read elsewhere an article that made references to one of the amendments, and I was able to pull out “The Founders’ Key” and read it!

I recommend this book for Americans with an interest in their heritage, or for ones who have no clue. It’s important to go back and study about the lives and values of our founding fathers if we want to keep those freedoms and rights that they sacrificed and died for.

I received a free copy of this book from Booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review.

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