Friday, March 1, 2013

You Meet All Types

Last night I attended the UALR men's basketball game. I never knew what a diverse crowd there could be at a college game! I started noticing it all and felt like my friend for people-watching instead of game-watching!

For one, there's the students who are there to have an excuse to jump and scream and dance like idiots. Oh, and possibly to enjoy a game, but probably to get out of homework, but I can't say that for sure since it's not like I walked up and interviewed them or anything.

And then a large majority are what I call the loyal fans. They're the ones (often retired men) who sit down front, are season ticket holders, and are dressed for church instead of a gym. They're very involved in the game, but certainly take the time to make a few trips to the concession stand, unlike...

The die-hard fan, who are way too caught up in the game to leave, unless it's half-time. They are easy to spot because they're either decked out in team colors, or standing up the whole game, mouth wide open. They think that their sole purpose for attending is to personally be responsible for making sure the refs makes the right calls, and more importantly letting them know when they don't.

Of course, we can't forget the mothers. They are there to watch their sons on the court, to swing their arms in the air in protest when they get fouled, and to stand up and cheer while clapping wildly when they make a basket. They by far can be the most enthusiastic of the crowd.

Now the reverse of that would be what I respectfully call the wealthy wife. Their husbands fall into the loyal fan category, or even the die-hard category, but they don't. You see, they're in a class all to themselves, and their attire goes beyond even that of the loyal fans! They're not interested in the game. They interested in sitting next to a friend discussing what their friend did that day, or where their friend got those cute shoes, or what their friend's neighbor's dog did to their friend's grandmother while visiting from Georgia for two weeks because she's doing some remodeling. Oh, is the game over already?

Last but not least, there's the family man. He's there with his wife and kids, or maybe for just a special father-son outing. He tries to catch some of the game, but it's largely interrupted with trips up and down the stairs, first for concessions, then for bathroom, then for more concessions, then for more, well, you get the idea. He--that is, the kids--do good to make it to half-time, where it's one final trip up those stairs.

And then there's me, but I'm pretty sure there wasn't another me in that area. Although I am a sports fans, this time I was there for the pep band more than the game. Oh yes, the pep band! Forget those enthusiastic mothers or dancing students, the pep band trumps all else when it comes to energy!

(You can watch my brothers play in the pep band: )

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