Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Variations on a S'more in A Major Crisis

It's a cold, grave, dreary day.

You've just finished your sandwich in common time, and you want just a little something suite to top it off before getting back to work. Something impromptu.

You open the cabinet and spot a bag of marshmallows, and presto! You've got a solution! Now you're doing fine.

Click, click, click. The stove top is lit and you watch your white cube turn gold while slowly expanding and changing to goo. (Making a perfect marshmallow is just your forte!)
As you devour that glob of deliciousness, a brilliant plan is being orchestrated in your head. (Maybe this proves toasted marshmallows are good for the brain!)

Back to the cabinet you go in search of chocolate and graham crackers. But alas! There are none to be found! How cruel to have marshmallows but not chocolate or graham crackers!

You're in a major crisis, now!

But never fear, the sweet voice of a Ritz cracker begins singing to you. Then it's joined by the butterscotch chips in a melodious duet.

Now you've got a good Handel on things. (Hallelujah!)
Your little cadenza begins: Toast goes the marshmallow! Ooie gooie goes the butterscotch! Smash goes the crackers! (Gently, of course. It would be terrible if you Baroque it.) This is a the grande moment of a real masterpiece!

You take the first bite, and your heart skips a beat. It's so amazing, you eat it in halftime! Encore!

Soon others that are sharp enough catch on and join in perfect harmony. (This certainly changed the dynamics in the kitchen.) And of course, having it just once is never enough. It must be repeated!

You realize you've made a minor mistake in taking so much time on a simple dessert. But ahh, what a finale to an otherwise flat afternoon.

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