Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Christmas Time

I'm having a hard time realizing that Christmas is nearly upon us. I suppose the 70+ degree weather has something to do with it, but actually, it's because I've already had Christmas.

For the first time ever, my maternal extended family had Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (Yes, that was quite a week for us. There was probably something in the oven non-stop for a week!) So I keep thinking it should be new year's by now. Or maybe even Jackson-Lee Day.

But no, it really is still the Christmas season, and there's still shopping to do, a tree to pick out for my paternal grandmother, and eventually more baking. But hey, I love the holidays and everything that comes with it, so now I don't have to feel silly for listening to Christmas songs in January since it really isn't January even though my brain keeps telling me it is January.

But all of that has nothing to do with what I originally got on here to type out.

There's a second reason why I haven't been in the blogosphere lately. Inspired by my crafty/artsy friend over at Musings of a Flower Child, on December 1st I joined the world of Etsy (you may have noticed my badge) and am slowly filling my shop with this 'n thats! I even thought about calling it This 'n That Craft Shop, but my mom thought it might sound too junky, or flea market-ish. So I decided to call it Bright Eyed Designs, because my grandfather used to call me Bright Eyes before he passed away.

My first item was a reversible headband now available in several different fabrics. I'm hoping to add some with embellishments on them, too. Just a few examples:

Then today I added this CEEEUUTE owl print apron:

I'm hoping to continue to add new products as time allows and as long as my creativity keeps up. =) Feel free to check out my humble, virtual shop and browse other great things on Etsy, cause there may not be much around here for a while!

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