Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Fever

I keep reading blog posts about October and autumn, so now here I am writing one, too. I guess I caught the fever.

Fall happens to be my favorite time of year. It's the season where you find those rare days of perfect pleasantness outside, which is such a relief after grueling summers.

It's the first time in months that the air doesn't feel thick and sticky, but instead cool and crisp.

And of course, I love the changing colors of the trees. I'm still waiting to see if we'll actually have some fall foliage after that drought this summer. We got a glimpse of early fall color on the roads to Missouri last weekend, and I was a wee bit jealous. =)

Something about a chilly breeze coupled with a hot drink (Starbucks caramel apple spice, anyone? I'm working on a homemade version...) makes me think of the holidays. I suppose that's because typically that's the only time we get cold weather around here, if then! But the other day I had the impulse (which I obeyed) to listen to Christmas music while working on a project. I'll go ahead and admit that this was not the first time I've cranked up a Christmas album in 2012. =)

I was sorting through picture files on my computer yesterday and found some from last year, which are the ones I have posted here. May this season produce as much vivid colors as the last!

Happy fall, ya'll!

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