Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Hard To Explain

To continue with the Anne of Green Gables week, I took this quiz and it had to be plain wrong! Or I pushed wrong buttons! Or something! Because look who it said I was??

My Result: you are Anne Shirley!
on quiz: Anne of Green Gables Personality Quiz

You are imaginative, creative, dramatic, and smart. You love writing but hate geometry. You have the unfortunate habit of getting into all sorts of predicaments and scrapes, not to mention you can certainly hold a grudge! Luckily, your good friend Diana Barry is there to help you through thick and thin.

Now I know I'm not Anne Shirley! I'm not dramatic, or dreamy, or talkative, or anything remotely similar to her! (Even though I did just use several exclamation points.)

I took it a second time, tweeking a few things when I had a few correct answers to choose from, and then I came out as:

you are Marilla Cuthbert!


Stern and firm, you were raised in the good old days when children were seen and not heard. You like children who are quiet, obedient, and never get into trouble- until that Anne Shirley came along and turned you soft!

That's more what I expected. Aren't you puzzled now? Wouldn't you say Anne & Marilla were opposites? Join me in my confusion!

Ok, for even more amusement, I did this second quiz, and this time came out to be Diana Barry! I guess I'm just a confusing case!

Alright, enough quizzes! I'm starting to feel this is all a bunch of nonsense. (Gotta be the Marilla in me...)

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  1. Hmm...I don't like these test, all they do is humiliate you! Both results said I was Josie Pye. Not too comforting:(