Friday, March 16, 2012

10 Reasons Why Star Wars Has Worn Out Its Welcome With Me And What I'm Going To Do About It, Part 2

Well, you knew this Return post was coming. If not because I didn’t answer “what I’m going to do about it” in the first post, then because it read “part 1″. You’re so smart.

(By now you’re figuring out that everything has a sequel. In fact, you’re probably wondering what post I’m going to write up that says “Part 1/2″ to explain why “Part 1″ came to be. Now you’re so sci-fi smart. And “it’s not your fault”, I know.)


Ok, so don’t be quick to call me a Star Wars hater, or that I’m forming an anti-Star Wars fan club. I never said I hated it, just am tired of it. (Alright, I did say that one thing about Chewy…) But I would never want to offend my friends or turn them into foes. Remember, I’m a fan of friends. Just not of sci-fi.

Surprisingly, though, I haven’t had much tomato juice to wipe off my face. In fact I’ve had more support than protest. I guess that means there are plenty of under cover rebels out there who have just been hiding in a dark side alley.

Anyhow, here’s my defense:

I have none. And I don’t have to!

“Nooo”, you cry? Well, you can’t force me!! Mwhahahaha!!

Just kidding. What I would like to say, though, is regardless of my sentiments and their obvious validity, I am choosing to remain peaceful and declare a truce. (Ya’ll are the ones keeping this War going on for light years, remember?) To further prove my loyalty to brainwashed friends and misguided sisters, I’m now going to tell you “what I’m going to do about it” in 5 ways:

Way #1: I will still allow my piano students to learn ‘Star Wars’ pieces and perform them at our ‘Star Wars’ themed recital this Spring which I actually came up with the idea for. So gracious of me, I know.

Way #2: I will continue to listen to the ‘Star Wars’ movies played repeatedly in the next room without throwing a hissy fit, putting on head phones, or grabbing up her spare light saber to challenge her to a duel. I’m nice like that.

Way #3: I will oblige any friend (or foe!) who strongly wishes me to watch the final episode with them…as long as it’s really the final one and not the fake final one. After all, enough’s enough.

Way #4: Do unto others I will as have them do unto me I would. (Translation: she Strikes Back no one with tomatoes.)

Way #5: I have hopefully appeased my Star Wars-loving friends by making references to their beloved fantasy world in these two posts. Some of you probably caught on. Some have probably been left in the dark. But that’s ok. You probably wouldn’t know your own brother if he stood right in front of you. “Hey Jed I didn’t know you!”

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