Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Church Matters

Have you been in and out of churches frequently? Do you attend regularly but haven’t built relationships within? Did you give up altogether on churches and content yourself to be an isolated Christian? Don’t go another Sunday thinking church doesn’t matter!

Joshua Harris writes about a different type of relationship than his previous books, that of being a church member. (It’s quite fitting that this book was previously published as Don’t Date the Church.)

Most Christians who haven’t given up already on finding a good church go with a me-centered mentality, totally missing out on the true reason for the church. According to Harris, shoving the topic aside and saying it doesn’t really matter where or if we attend church is like a husband getting married but never staying at home or being concerned with spending time with his bride. Jesus calls His church the bride, and He desires that we love her as He does. This is too important an issue to overlook!

The book explains why the local church body is important, how to know if you’re committed enough, questions to consider when searching for a new church, and how to prepare for your Sunday morning experience. I found this book to be very encouraging and excellently written.

In the back are discussion questions for each chapter to help deepen your thoughts, and can be used for group or individual use.

I received a free copy of this book from WaterbrookMultnomah in exchange for an honest review. You can rank my review here at Blogging For Books, or purchase your own copy.

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