Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365 Ways to Organize Everything

I absolutely LOVED this book! I originally got it with someone else in mind, but had no idea how much I would benefit from it, too! The title really says it all; there’s hardly a closet or hidden corner of the house that Emilie Barnes & Sheri Torelli don’t cover! From filing papers, to how to save money on your water and electric bills, this book has something for every housewife! (and beyond…I’m not even a housewife!)

You may be one of those rare, sane mothers who think you have everything in your home in order, but I challenge you to read this book and see if there’s not something new they suggest for you!

The book starts out with several reason why we often put up with our state of disorganization, whether it be
procrastination, wrong priorities, or lack of time. But it quickly follows up with ways to motivate and encourage organizational skills and habits by setting goals for yourself and recruiting help and accountability.

One of their first tips is discovering if you’re a packrat, and then coming up with a game plan. But often the problem may lie in other family members, and there’s a solution to that, too! There are many great ideas for how to clean up the clutter; but even better, how to avoid the clutter build-up!
They even list cleaning tips, products, and solutions to use in your home, as well as how to organize your shopping list and calendar.

Most of all, their big emphasize was to remember that spending less time wading through piles of clutter frees you up for family time, and the all-important but often-neglected God time.

So don’t delay getting organized! Grab "365 Ways to Get Organized" by Emilie Barnes & Sheri Torelli. Read bits at a time, then conquer bits of time in 15 minute segments (as they wisely suggest).

I received a free copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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