Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seen Courageous?

I've heard raving reports on this new Sherwood Pictures film and I'm looking forward to seeing it sometime soon! So excited to see good, Christian films in theaters!

Along those lines, the producer of Courageous and Fireproof, Jim McBride, has written a book for parents in helping ushering their kids into adulthood, and Moody Publishers is giving away 5 copies of his book "Rite of Passage" as well as 5 $20 Fandango gift cards to see the new film!

Here's part of the article from InsidePages:

Many children today don’t learn how to become adults on purpose; rather, they ride the wave of adolescence toward an unknown adult future.

Moms, dads, and other perfectly placed adults have the unique opportunity to guide the teenagers in their life toward adulthood. This is not a privilege to be taken lightly, but neither is it an impossible task.

Jim McBride, executive producer of Fireproof and Courageous, brings wisdom, experience, and practical examples to his guidebook for leading those burgeoning adults in your life through a real-life Rite of Passage.

Check out the rest of the article, a video clip from Jim McBride, and enter the give away before midnight TONIGHT!

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