Friday, September 9, 2011

American Pride

I LOVED this post by The Park Wife and wanted to share it here. There’s nothing like a soldier in uniform to stir up that American pride in you. I love recognizing and thanking our military, and it seems all the more fitting now with 9-11 just around the corner.


Thank You Mr. Army Man

Dear Army Man from Walmart:
I am in awe of the sacrifice you and your fellow soldiers make so that I can take our kids to the county fair, gather with other families for BBQs, watch our kids play soccer, homeschool them in a country that allows me to be their teacher, to have Bibles all throughout our home, and so much more, all while you have to wave goodbye to your wife and children and go and fight for me to have those rights.
But, that is not why I write this letter. I have an extraordinary 5-year-old who has a spirit of justice, who is disciplined, yet forgiving, courageous, yet kind and who more than anything wants to be “an army man” when he grows up (actually he is leaning toward Marines right now, it changes often). I would like to thank you for smiling at that little boy in Walmart and when he told you that he was going to be an Army man when he grows up, you squatted down to his level, put your hat on his head and told him he could be anything he wanted to be as long as he worked hard and sacrificed for what was right.

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