Thursday, July 21, 2011

Answering the Guy Questions

My first Leslie Ludy book to read was “Answering the Guy Questions”. I’ve read her online devotionals and magazines, and listened to numerous sermons by her husband, Eric Ludy, but I had never read any of their books, and I’m glad I picked this one.

It wasn’t at all what I was expecting based on the title. I assumed it would be something along the lines of “For Women Only” or even “Love & Respect”--finding out the inside of a guy’s mind in order to know how to interact and relate to them. But this was all about looking at and evaluating yourself first--being a set-apart girl even in the midst of guy-girl relationships and interaction.

As is typical with all her “Set-Apart Girl” talks and literature, Leslie’s main point and focus of the book is to build a deeper relationship with Christ; to depend only on Christ; to be content with and desire Christ. Not another friend. Not another guy.

She addresses some problems and sins from today’s counterfeit manhood--why some guys can be passive and effeminate, and others overly-aggressive and crude--and why a lot of it has to do with the acceptance of and even push for unbiblical womanhood in our culture. In other words, as a young lady, keeping yourself in line and focused on Christ with boundaries set around you will only help further biblical manhood and gain respect from the real “Warrior-Poets” out there. Not to say that all men’s problems can be blamed on women, but that we are only hurting them when we forsake our role and take charge. A girl’s tendency is to try to be noticed or catch a guy, but a set-apart girl should try to let Christ be noticed in and through her. Instead of alluring a guy, she should be protecting herself and maintain a feminine mystique about her.

I was greatly encouraged by the high standards mentioned and to what great detail Leslie emphasized purity of heart, mind and actions. So girls, don’t despair because the standards of both guys and girls around you are so low, if there at all. There are set-apart girls and warrior-poets still out there, serving Christ. If you haven’t found them, it might not be because there are none, but because you’re not out there serving Christ yourself.

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