Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glimpses of Grace book review

Author Gloria Furman probably had in mind other wives and moms like herself while writing this book, and as I am neither, you'd assume her book would do me no good. In fact, if Crossway had not sent me this book for free to write a review, I might not have ever have picked it up.

At the core of this book's message is the message that should be at the core of our lives. And that is the gospel. The subtitle, “Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home” captures that thought; the idea that everything around us--the joyous and the mundane--is about gospel, if we only will stop to see it.

Which is why “Glimpses of Grace” is a sweet, fresh reminder for any woman in any stage of life. All too often we feel our daily tasks are boring or unimportant, and we forget the grand scheme of things, and how we fit into God's plan.

Although one of the author's first points is that theology and doctrinal study shouldn't be left to pastors and scholars, she also is very practical about application, being very candid with her own life examples of struggles and lessons learned.

If I had to pick one chapter that stood out to me the most, it would be chapter twelve, “The Idol of a Picture-Perfect Home”. Never had I considered how even good things like organization and cleanliness could lead to idolatry. But it makes sense. If you obsess over having the perfect home, or the ideal family life, or any fill-in-the-blank scenario, to the point that you are consumed with it, you are dabbling with danger. Of course this does not mean everyone with an organized house is in sin. Your attitude and heart motives can be pure before the Lord regardless of the condition of your abode.

I love the synopsis on the back cover, so I'm going to share it here to motivate you to grab your own copy!

“Sometimes life feels a lot like a burden—day in and day out it's the same chores and tasks, challenges and discouragements, anxieties and responsibilities. Dust bunnies show up on the stairwell, social commitments clutter the calendar, and our families demand daily attention and care. At times, just catching our breath seems like an impossible feat.

So where is God in all of this? Does he care about the way we unload the dishwasher or balance the budget? Do the little things like changing diapers or cooking meals make a difference? And how can we use our spheres of influence for God's glory and our joy?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working woman splitting time between the office and home, Gloria Furman—writer, pastor's wife, cross-cultural worker, and mom—encourages us to see the reality of God's grace in all of life, especially those areas that often appear to be boring and unimportant. Sing personal examples and insightful stories, her richly theological reflections help us experience the gospel's extraordinary power to transform our ordinary lives.”

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