Saturday, October 19, 2013

Four-Book Series For Young Girls

I read this four-book series with the intention of using it as a tween girls Sunday School curriculum. In the end I did not decide to use it for my particular setting, but it would still be appropriate in a group setting.

I like the writing style of author Erin Davis. She's very engaging and relates well with young girls, all while not sacrificing truth or brushing over important topics.

The My Name Is Erin series titles include: One Girl's Journey to Discover Truth, One Girl's Journey to Discover Who She Is, One Girl's Mission to Make a Difference, and One Girl's Plan for Radical Faith.

Each book is about 75 pages and should be a relatively easy read for young girls. Although the recommended age was not listed (at least not that I could find), based on the issues covered I assume it is for young teen girls. Also the order of the books was confusing, as they were not numbered. It wasn't til in the last book I read, which incidentally is book four, that I found a listed order (see above order).

There was a lot I was able to glean from, even as an adult, based on the core principles addressed, even though her examples for young girls obviously did not directly relate to me. But that's because truth is always relevant, and God's Word stands the test of time.

Overall a great resource for young girls, moms of girls, or small group leaders.
I received a copy of this series from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

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