Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Faves

To continue last week's favorites theme, "these are few of my favorite things"...


In just this week alone I've had an hour-plus phone chat with one sister, a movie/talk-all-evening visit with another sister, and a lovely lunch at Cracker Barrel with a friend. I considered making Cracker Barrel a category of its own, because I love that place though I rarely go there, but the friendship is definitely more important than the food. Except maybe for those biscuits. (ha!)

Fermented Tea

This is not what you think it is. =) Health foods came up in one of my conversations, and I was telling my friend of this fizzy, fermented drink called kombucha. I was first introduced to it by some friends who make it, and when I tried it I wasn't really sure how to describe it, except that it gives a kick! As I was explaining the health benefits and nutrients it has, my friend said I should just make my own and we could have some at the spa day that we spontaneously planned. I'm thinking it's much more likely for the spa day to happen than for this tea to happen--or should I say grow?--inside my house. =)

Fair Weather

Although it happens to be cold again today, we've had some amazing weather for January! But I'm excited to say that according to the forecast it's going to be back up in the 60s again next week! Now that's my kind of winter! I love my new coat and everything, but I much prefer weather where only a light jacket or long-sleeve shirt is necessary.

Fierce Women

This is another book I'm reading right now. It's written by a pastor's wife from Hot Springs, Kimberly Wagner, who is often featured on Revive Our Hearts radio and True Woman conferences, which is how I heard of her. Although this book would apply more to married women, I'm learning so much even now! I did see that there's a message at the end to single women, but unlike a certain friend of mine, I don't peek at the end of each book! =)


Although I do love a roaring fire on a bitter cold day, this isn't the kind of fire I'm referring to. Nor am I speaking of Amazon's HD kindles. Think more along the lines of passion, energy, or purpose. This is what I'm desiring from God, and this is, I believe, what God is now igniting in me through the reading of His Word. I'm amazed (well, not really) how often I find myself in a rut, not really seeking God's will or His priorities, but merely doing things out of habit, or because that's the last word I got. But as I'm being reminded from my Bible Study class in Hebrews, there is no such thing as a stagnant believer. You're either progressing or digressing. So I'm praying for the fiery power of the Spirit to ignite in me the power to do what's right. To walk in faith. To live in love.

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