Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Favorite Treats and Sweets

What's a big, family gathering without food? In my family it would probably be non-existent! =)

One of the great things about Christmas gatherings are those special foods you only have once a year! I shouldn't be writing this at lunch time, but here goes...

1. Peanut butter bon-bons! These aren't the crunchy kind (those are good, too), but the chocolate balls that practically melt in your mouth with peanut buttery scrumptiousness! A dear friend of Grammy has always made them, and I don't think we could possibly have Christmas without them!

2. Sweet potato casserole. This is definitely a must, or I think my cousin would probably murder someone. =)

3. Seasonal hot drinks--like white hot chocolate, apple carmel cider, and Chik-fil-a peppermint milkshakes. Wait, that wasn't a hot drink.

4. Dressing. I suppose it's technically a thanksgiving dish, but lots of folks have it at Christmas, too. Oh, and it's not stuffing, mind you. And it surely needs cornbread in it!

5. Frozen cranberry salad. And nobody can make it like Meemaw. In fact, there's nothing Meemaw makes than anyone could top.

6. Like her rolls, for example.

7. Or her rolls sandwiching a slice of ham.

8. This is making me hungry. I better can find me in the kitchen.

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