Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things you learn in an orchestra.

1. There are some things you wish you didn't know.

2. Rehearsal letters can actually be numbers.

3. An orchestra is comprised of all different types of personalities, including (but not limited to) melancholies, psychos, masterminds, and drunks.

4. Thankfully the drunk wasn't at this past concert.

5. Maestro's aren't all grim and serious, but in fact can tell jokes in the middle of a grueling rehearsal.

6. Speaking of jokes, inevitably you will hear at least one viola joke at any gig. Guaranteed.

7. It is possible to play an entire concert without any lower brass. 'Tis a pity.

8. There are some players who count more measures than they play.

9. A weekend gig is fun, but a life of this would be exhausting.

10. You never know what might happen in the middle of a concert.

11. Like a train whistle blowing during the quiet movement.

12. Or an impromptu playing of "Happy Birthday" for a symphony board member.

13. By the way, it is really important to let the 1st violins in on the impromptu plan so that they know what key to start in.

14. Guest artists don't have to be famous people from exotic places to sound fabulous. They can be locals who normally play right along side the rest of their string section.

15. You can have played with someone for years, know their name and they even know you, and still not have had a conversation with them.

16. You can have played with someone for years and even had conversations with them and still not know their name.

17. You can identify the latter by their position or looks, i.e. "the cellist with the bushy hair", or "the bald horn player", or "the drunk in the 2nds".

18. I actually have had a conversation with the drunk, but not by choice.

19. Who knew you could play the violin while intoxicated?

20. And we've come full circle...there are some things you wish you didn't know.

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